Friday, January 18, 2013

A sneak peak.

Just to help you get as excited as I am about this instrument, here are some pictures of the parts so far. Above is the back getting cut out on the bandsaw.

Here is the maple rim with my "keeper" in it to hold the shape. It is also curly maple.

The tuners and tailpiece. Tailpiece is an Allen cast bronze, already working on a nice patina. The tuners are Golden Age Relic Brass. They are new. They just look like they are 80 years old.

The Belly is a beautiful piece of Engelmann spruce from the mountains of Colorado. Consistent 20+ Grains per inch, and clear, pure color all the way through.

The neck is maple, has a classic truss rod, plus brass bars inlayed for added mass to hopefully improve sustain and tone. The peghead has a slightly adjusted classic shape. Similar shape but the common damage points have been eliminated for a cleaner, less fragile System.
Another shot of the back. Check out that curl!

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